Cape Woolamai House – Hortus Conclusus

Cape Woolamai House – Hortus Conclusus Hortus conclusus, a latin term meaning “enclosed garden”, has taken root in the design of the Cape Woolamai House. In responding to the extreme environmental conditions of its coastal setting, the house is designed as a protective mass that allows for the provision of a contemplative internal garden that […]


Wirra Willa Pavilion – Small Projects Commendation at the AIA Awards 2014

We are very pleased to be a recipient of the Small Project Commendation Award at the Australian Institute of Architects Awards program 2014 (NSW Chapter). Below is the Jury citation for the project. “A glass pavilion on the edge of a natural dam, remote from the main residence, provides a place from which to experience […]


Zumthor House – Haldenstein, Graubünden – Switzerland

Zumthor House – Haldenstein, Graubünden “Living and working, family, children, grandchildren; spaces for living, spaces for working with younger colleagues, or inventing and planning buildings – to me these things belong together, and that is what the house was built for.” Peter Zumthor – Buildings and Projects Volume 03. Image Credit: “Peter Zumthor 1985-2013, Buildings […]


Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Genoa, Italy

Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Punta Nave (Genoa), Italy Cascading down the headland towards the sea, this composite structure made of glass, steel and wood responds to it’s natural and contextual surroundings by creating a rationalised stepped design that follows the natural fall of the landscape, whilst engaging with the local vernacular of the neighbouring […]


Tadao Ando Architect & Associates – Koshino House

Tadao Ando Architect & Associates – Poetry with Concrete Image Credit: Hoiol.”Koshino House.” Photo. 25 Sept. 2011. 11 Oct. 2013 Image Credit: Gonzalo Perez. “Koshino House.” Photo. 25 Sept. 2011. 11 Oct. 2013


Kengo Kuma & Associates – Glass/ Wood House

Kengo Kuma & Associates – One of the next generation Japanese master architects. There is so much that I admire about the work of KKAA. This house in New Canaan, Connecticut USA is an example of beautiful glass architecture that engages the spirit of it’s contextual surroundings, whilst expressing the authenticity of KKAA’s work. The […]

Susie's Stairs

MWA – Susie’s Floating Timber Stair

This tallowwood stair was a recent addition to an existing townhouse situated in North Avoca, NSW. The design intent was to make the stairs feel as though they were an extension of the garden instead of an obtrusive object tacked onto the side of the existing dwelling. A central steel stringer with steel flanges cantilevered […]


Olson Kundig Architects – Montecito Residence

Exemplary craftsmanship. Materials from the earth – steel, glass and raw aggregate elegantly composed to create a space that allows for both prospect and refuge. Image Credit: Koenig, Nikolas. “Montecito Residence.” Photo. 2013. 27 May. 2013


Alvar Aalto – Maison Louis Carre

Aalto the master! Entrance forecourt composition. A point of transition in built form to be more in proportion with the human scale. A tactile materiality encourages the visitor to touch and feel while the controlled balance in transparency makes the entrance feel humble and welcoming. Image Credit: Ludwig, Samuel. “Maison Louis Carre/ Alvar Aalto.” Photo. […]