Project Architect

Emelie is fascinated by the relationship between applied materiality and how architectural atmospheres affect the human experience. She approaches all projects with a new set of eyes and sense of discovery, a unique analysis that seeks to find the depth and nuances to each individual site.

Bringing her worldly curiosity to her recent move to Australia, Emelie has experience across various project types including residential, cultural, retail / hospitality and collaborated on numerous art installations including in front of the Grand Palais in Paris for Le Salon des Artistes Francais. Her passion for materials research and experimentation has fuelled her special adoration for residential architecture and creating homes that are the essence of the occupant.

Outside of work Emelie enjoys returning to the restorative power of nature with her young family, pilates and the art of ceramics.


Bachelor of Architecture - The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)
Master of Architecture - The Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)


Atelier Jankovic De Thy, Paris
Cut Architectures, Paris
Sandell Sandberg, Stockholm